Instigation Guidelines for Non-Aggressive Organizations


In the past, the Lotek of New Eden was a strictly non-aggressive organization. To a large extent this is still true: the Lotek Alliance continues to be largely non-aggressive; however, the member corporations of the Lotek Network outside of the Lotek Alliance have considerably discretion in how they conduct themselves with others (provided they comply with Network policies). However, at one point we found ourselves considering taking such action against a corporation that had been committing numerous crimes against not only our alliance but also their own members. A set of Instigation Guidelines were drafted to help justify our taking hostile action and outline the criteria we used for making that decision. Eventually the situation resolved itself without the need for hostile action, and the Instigation Guidelines have not been used since.

The Instigation Guidelines have since been deprecated, but is made available below to preserve our history and to serve as a template by which others may base their own Instigation Guidelines

Lotek Instigation Guidelines (Deprecated)

The Lotek of New Eden does not actively seek to take offensive action against non-hostile entities that is of benefit to their membership and of no detriment to the Lotek of New Eden. However, should an entity be deemed unsatisfactory in this regard, then offensive action, including but not limited to the waging of war and espionage, may be carried out to the mutual benefit of the vast majority of those involved.

A non-hostile organization may be targeted if:

  • It provides a weak social atmosphere for its members
  • Their leadership possesses few if any qualities which would maintain or propel their organization and its members, including but not limited to charisma, knowledge, experience, wealth, devotion, wisdom, ability to learn quickly, objectivity, etc
  • Leadership possesses a number or extent of ‘fatal flaws’ that is not compensated for nor likely to be redeemed to a satisfactorily extent within a reasonable period of time.
  • The organization lacks a cohesive and sustainable identity, purpose, and goals given the abilities or capabilities of its leadership. For example, their corp description or operations far exceed what the corp is capable of doing or sustaining.
  • The organization is of detriment to its members or deprives them of opportunity for growth and/or enjoyment of the game
  • The organization deprives members of opportunity for advancement
  • The organization deprives members of liberty, freedom, justice, equity, or identity
  • An organization makes gross use of “pay to play” mechanics in an unsustainable fashion, such as investing high end assets (POSes, ships, etc) with no means to ensure their safety or recover from their losses without using additional “pay to play” mechanics

Targeted organizations who appeal may be given consideration to rectify their negative influence on others. Members of such targeted organizations may also be given the opportunity to join the Lotek of New Eden alliance or a member corp of the alliance.

It is the intention of the Lotek of New Eden to maintain integrity, legitimacy, and honor in all endeavors, including those that are inherently dishonorable in nature. It is not the intention of the Lotek of New Eden to target newbie “grow with us/learn with us/from scratch” corporations or “bar buddy” corporations (in which members enjoy the isolated social atmosphere despite the lack of progression of their organization or of themselves) provided they do not grossly violate the above described guidelines.

How an organization is determined to be a valid target, whether or not they would be pursued, and how they would be pursued is beyond the scope of this document.

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