Who We Are

The Lotek of New Eden alliance strives to create a strong community of mature, social, casual players who generally enjoy conversation and cooperation whenever possible. Our goal is to become New Eden’s premier do-it-all, do-it-everywhere, real life-first, community-first, all-time-zone, casual-hardcore, PVP-oriented alliance.

The Lotek Network comprises the Lotek Alliance and all external corporations and individual players that swear fealty to the Lotek Alliance and adhere to the network’s policies.


The Lotek of New Eden fully respects the sovereignty and autonomy of its member corporations. Provided that member corporations and their membership operate in accordance to the Policies of the Lotek Network and Lotek Alliance, they may operate as they see fit with no other obligations to the rest of the Lotek Network/Alliance.

The Lotek Network and Lotek Alliance are owned and operated by Archer en Tilavine, Founder and Executor.