Why Join?

Benefits of joining the Lotek Network:

  • Tight-knit community to learn from and fleet with
  • Access to Network-owned POSes
  • Network-exclusive buyback programs and discounts
  • Non-Alliance Lotek Network corporations may choose to:
    • Opt for War Immunity
    • Engage in Piracy
    • Enlist in Factional Warfare

Benefits of Joining the Lotek Alliance:

  • Full access to and zero fees at Alliance-owned POSes
  • Rapid PVP response
  • Reciprocal POS defense

How to Join

Joining the Lotek Network

  • Individuals may join a Network corporation or contact Archer en Tilavine
  • CEOs/Directors of Corporations not in an alliance and Alliance Executors should contact Archer en Tilavine
  • Corporations in an alliance other than the Lotek of New Eden may not directly join the Lotek Network; however, their alliance may apply to join the Lotek Network

Joining the Lotek Alliance

  • CEOs/Directors of Corporations should contact Archer en Tilavine
  • Individuals may only join the Lotek Alliance by enlisting in a Lotek Alliance corporation