Fitting Reference

The following reference tables contain general characteristics that apply to most, but not necessarily all, ships of their respective categories.

Ship Class

Class Uses Strengths Weaknesses
Attack Tactical strikes
  • Excellent DPS and/or Alpha Strikes
  • Excellent Mobility
  • Poor Defense
  • Propulsion Jamming
Combat Prolonged battle
  • Good DPS
  • Excellent Defense
  • Does not perform as well as more specialized classes
Exploration Finding Cosmic Anomalies, Spacecraft, and POSes; Hacking;
  • Using Scanning Probes
  • Hacking
  • Salvaging
  • Helpless in Combat
Disruption EWAR and/or CAPWAR
  • Debuffing
  • Helpless in Combat
 Support Force multiplier
  • Buffs
  • Repair
  •  Helpless in Combat
Resource Harvesting Ore, Ice, and Gas Cloud harvesting. Salvaging

Role Reference

Role Uses Strengths Weaknesses
DPS Maximum Throughput Damage
  • High DPS
  • Low Alpha Strike
  • Low Defense
Alpha Strike Maximum Burst Damage
  • High Alpha Strike
  • Low DPS
  • Low Defense
Tackle (Web) Slows the Enemy
  • Helps closes distance between fleet and enemy
  • Improve tracking ability of fleet
  • Improve optimum range of fleet
  • Prevent enemy from escaping range of EWAR, CAPWAR, and Warp Jamming
  • High Capacitor Consumption on non-Tackle ships
  • Short Range
  • Enemy can still use WD/MWD/MJD to escape
Tackle (Scram) Prevents use of WD/MWD/MDJ
  • -2 Warp Strength
  • Enemy cannot use WD/MWD/MDJ to escape
  • High Capacitor Consumption on non-Tackle ships
  • Short Range
  • Enemy can still use AB to escape
Tackle (Point) Prevents use of WD
  • -1 Warp Strength
  • Long Range
  • High Capacitor Consumption on non-Tackle ships
  • Enemy can still use MWD/MJD to escape
Gank Combines Warp Jamming (Tackle) with High Damage (DPS or Alpha Strike)
  • Short Range
    • -2 Warp Strength
    • High DPS
  • Medium Range
    • -1 Warp Strength
    • High Alpha Strike
  • Low Defense
  • Vulnerable to Long Range
Remote Sensor Dampening Reduces range and speed of target’s  sensors
  • Greatly diminishes or eliminates enemy’s offense/support capability
  • Does not hamper defense capability (eg. repair, warp, etc)
  • Low Defense
CAPWAR Depletes the enemy’s capacitor
  • Renders enemy (almost) completely unable to do anything
  • Enemy can still uses projectiles, drones, and missiles without capacitor energy
  • Enemy capacitor recharge rate increases as it approaches 30%
    • Enemy can still do a lot with 30% or more energy
    • Once 30% is broken, however, recharge rate drops rapidly
  • Requires a lot of your own capacitor energy to deplete the enem

Properties Reference

Guerilla Quick to get in, quick to get out. Often suicidal.
Spam Slightly superlinear gains as more added to fleet. The more the merrier!
Suicide Expendable and not intended to come home alive. You’re lucky if you do!

Scope Reference

Solo This fit performs its function well when used by itself.
Small Gang This fit will not perform well by itself, but will perform well with the assistance of at least a few fleetmates.
Fleet This fit will not perform well by itself or in small groups; it requires a large, coordinated fleet to be effective.