Fittings List

*** The complete list of Lotek fittings can be found on Osmium. ***

Class Series Description
Attack Serom PVP Tackle
Combat Asha Short-Range Tank
Cayn PVP Suicide Gank
Zergling (G) 100km range droneboat
Exploration Explorer Probing and/or Hacking
EWAR Abater (A) Weapon Disruption
Magnifier (M) Target Painting
Memnosyne (C) Targetted ECM
Myopian (G) Remote Sensor Dampening
Resource Harvesting Drudge Guerilla Ore/Gas Harvesting
Tundra Guerilla Ice Harvesting
Support Trimend Armor, Shield, and Cap Logi
Works in Progress Kalenu Long-Range Support Tank
Osran Long-Range Tank, Command
Sadoka Long-Range DPS
Tasyc Short-Range DPS