Ryoga Lonely Hearts


Ryoga Lonely Hearts aims to become New Eden’s premier corporation casual players, newbies, and industrialists looking for permanent immunity from war. We are the leading member corporation of the Lotek of New Eden Network, its Founder and Executor being none other than our CEO Archer en Tilavine.

We will forever be immune from declarations of war and will forever have a 0% corporation tax rate. We have one of the largest and most complete BPO collections found anywhere, with over 1000 unique, max-researched BPOs available for our members to use and counting.

Getting Started

If you haven’t already, check out the Lotek Getting Started guide. Afterward, finish reading this for important Ryoga-specific information!

Corporation-Specific Policies


We primarily live and operate in the Molden Heath region, with our HQ and primary staging located at Gulfonodi X – Moon 15 – Republic Fleet Testing Facilities. It is highly recommended that all members relocate to this office or somewhere nearby; however, it is not strictly required that you do so. If you require assistance relocating, we can either freight your possessions free of charge, and/or provide you with ISK + ships to start your new life with us. Please contact Archer en Tilavine for details.


Piracy is permitted but generally not encouraged or performed. As a notable exception, piracy (including suicide ganking) will be employed against miners depleting ores needed to our operation and those suspected of being bots. While piracy is permitted, griefing is expressly prohibited under any and all circumstances in accordance with Lotek Network policy.

Buyback Program

We are currently buying the following goods at the following rates for Lotek Network members:

Ore – Veldspar90% Jita Sell
Ore – Standard – Other80% Jita Sell
Metal Scraps90% Jita Sell

Prices determined using EVEppraisal. Contact Archer en Tilavine for details.

Ship Replacement Program

All ship replacement requests are at the sole discretion of Archer en Tilavine.