Getting Started

Network and Corporation Policies

If you haven’t already, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Lotek Policies and your corporation policies.

Discord Server

If you haven’t already, please join our Lotek Discord Server. Once your identity and membership has been verified, you will be given full access.

Fleet-Up Group

After joining the Lotek Network, please join our Lotek Fleet-Up Group to gain access to our recommended fits and operations calendar.


Speak with your corporation leadership about assistance relocating to your corporation’s areas of operations. In most circumstances, your corporation or other members of the Lotek Network may provide relocation assistance free of charge.

Guidance for New Players

  • Prior to engaging in any other kind of activity in EVE, it is highly recommended that new players first reach the essential Newbie Milestones.
  • EVE severely penalizes players who specialize prematurely; therefore, it is highly recommended that all players attain a few levels in all skills before specializing in any one particular skill or set of skills. (For more information, see Spiral Development Method.)
  • Consider training toward and procuring one ore more Zergling fits. The Zergling is an exceptionally capable, super cheap fit with low-SP requirements.