Lotek Discord

Our alliance uses Discord for virtually all text and voice communication held at the alliance level. The Lotek Discord server can be found here.

Why do we prefer Discord over in-game comms?

  • :heart: Preferred by the vast majority of members
  • :rewind: Message History – you can’t see what was said before you logged into EVE, but you can in Discord
  • :eggplant: Colors, Formatting, and Emojis enhance readability and communication
  • :tv: More screen space in EVE with chat window gone
  • :ocean: Easier to sift through vast volumes of communication
  • :microphone2: Voice chat, file transfer, pins, inline players, and other features available
  • :yeskid: And so much more!

:thumbsup: Rule of thumb: Only use in-game comms for fleet text chat and linking items.

  • Instead of linking fits in-game, copy to clipboard and paste the fit on Discord
  • Instead of linking killmails in-game, share the link to the killmail on zKillboard