Lotek Network Policies

Code of Conduct

  • Always respect all others both in and out of the alliance, including (and perhaps especially) our enemies. Do not insult, mock, insult, or taunt others regardless of how they treat you. Always issue a “gf” at the end of a battle, regardless of the result or the surrounding circumstances.
  • Do not engage in activities resulting in grief with the primary intent or expectation of griefing.

Confidentiality Policy

  • Do not discuss Lotek Network-private matters outside of Lotek Network channels. This includes disclosing any information (true, false, misleading, or otherwise) that is not both public and easily obtainable to third parties without written permission from alliance leadership.

Communications Policy

  • All members of the Lotek Network are required to join and maintain a presence on the Lotek Discord server; however, there are no usage requirements
  • All communications (text and voice) pertaining to the Lotek Network must take place either on the Lotek Discord server or via in-game fleet chat.
  • Do not spam or flood messages. Try to combine multiple small messages into less frequent, large ones. Edit existing messages for mistakes and clarity instead of sending new messages to indicate errors.
  • Roleplay is encouraged but not required
  • No personal attacks on others
  • No nonconstructive negative commentary that will unnecessarily lower morale or make others in the Lotek Network look or feel bad. If you have concerns, then either keep it constructive, raise it in private to Lotek Network leadership, or keep it to yourself
  • Whenever possible, provide an “equivalent link” to information via Discord instead of in-game. For example, killmails can be shared via links to zKillboard, and fits can be shared in plain text EFT format.
  • Do not spread ignorance or encourage recklessness or bad practices on our Discord server

Fleet Formation Policy

Any member of the Lotek Network may create a fleet on behalf of the Lotek Network provided it conforms to all Lotek Network policies. Permission is not required to form or schedule such fleets.

Fleet-Up.com Policy

All members of the Lotek Network are encouraged to join the Lotek of New Eden group on Fleet-Up.com

Standings Policy

  • All member corps of the Lotek Network must provide blue (+5 or +10) standings to the Lotek of New Eden alliance.
  • It is strongly recommended that all member corps of the Lotek Network should extent positive standings and form good relations with other members of the Lotek Network.
  • Under no circumstances are members of the Lotek Network to engage in hostilities with the Lotek Alliance (or vice versa) unless the terms of the engagement were previously agreed upon

Overview Settings Policy

The official Lotek Overview settings must be used whenever participating in an official Lotek Network or Lotek Alliance fleet. The latest version of the Lotek Overview settings can be found in the in-game bio of the Lotek of New Eden alliance.

Lotek Alliance Policies

In addition to the above policies, members of the Lotek of New Eden Alliance are subject to the following additional policies

PVP Competency Policy

All member corporations of the Lotek alliance and their members are expected to demonstrate and maintain at least basic PVP competencies. Members who repeatedly incur heavy losses or contribute to heavy losses of others due to deliberate stupidity (ie. they knew better) or gross negligence (eg. AFKing) will be disciplined up to and including removal from their corp. Corporations are responsible for helping preserve the alliance Killboard by coordinating with other alliance corporations and by providing adequate fleet training, planning, and leadership. Corporations who repeatedly fail to adhere to these standards will be removed from the alliance, but are welcome to remain as members of the Lotek Network.

Hostile Engagement Policy


In general, we are NRDS: If it’s Not Red, then Don’t Shoot. Our rules of engagement are independent of security status and CONCORD intervention; crimes committed in empire space (lowsec and hisec) will affect your security status, and criminal offenses in Hisec will result in you getting CONCORDed. Thus, if you choose to commit a crime (especially a criminal offense in Hisec), it better be worth your while. You are highly encouraged, but not strictly required, to maintain sufficiently high standings with CONCORD at all times such that you are not perma-flashy.


  • Blues: corpmates (green), alliancemates (dark blue), +5s (light blue), +10s (dark blue)
  • Reds: non-Blue suspects (yellow)/criminals (red), -5s (orange), -10s (red)
  • Blacks: -0s (implicit, no symbol). In the official Lotek Overview, they will appear as solid black in the overview.
  • Grays: +0s (explicit, gray = symbol)
  • NRDS: Not Red = Don’t Shoot
  • NBSI: Not Blue = (it is okay to) Shoot It

Rules of Engagement

  • Never attack, steal from, harass, or otherwise pose a detriment to Blues or Grays, including suspects and criminals, unless such activity has been agreed to in advance (ie. holding a duel or training exercises).
    • Exception: You may retaliate against anyone who attacks you outside previously agreed-upon boundaries.
    • Exception: If you believe beyond a reasonable doubt that you are about to be attacked outside agreed-upon boundaries (ie. being bumped as a prelude to a suicide gank), you may make a preemptive strike against that entity. Be sure to collect evidence to justify your engagement.
  • If you or someone you know has violated our rules of engagement, report the violation to alliance leadership immediately so that diplomacy can take place promptly to address the mishap.
  • The following table, roughly sorted from most hostile to most friendly, outlines permitted hostilities against others based on their standing with the Lotek Alliance
StandingsLotek Overview ColorDescriptionPermitted Hostilities
War TargetRedMortal EnemiesNo Restriction
-10RedMoral Enemies, “Hot War”No Restriction
* CriminalRedPublic EnemyRestricted to Non-Blues
-5OrangeUntrustworthy, “Cold War” (Pirates, Scammers, Territorial Adversaries, etc)Restricted to Lowsec and Nullsec
* SuspectYellowPublic NuisanceRestricted to Non-Blues
0 (Implicit)BlackUnknown and possibly hostileRestricted to FW Lowsec Constellations and all of Nullsec
0 (Explicit)GrayAvoid conflict, but be on guardProhibited
+5Light BlueNon-Aggression PactProhibited
+10Dark BlueTrustworthy and ReliableProhibited
AlliancemateDark BlueComradeProhibited

* You are prohibited from attacking blues, even if they are suspect or criminal, unless an engagement (ie. duel) has been mutually agreed upon in advance. If your corp has legalized friendly fire, then consult your corp policies regarding combat between corpmates.

Note on Piracy: As implied in the table above, piracy is only permitted in FW Lowsec Constellations and in Nullsec